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Hairdreams Hairextensions
in Beverly Hills by Tatyana

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Dear ladies,

I have to tell you my new hairextensions are fabulous! They look and feel so natural. WOW! My own hair I colored so many times that they became damaged and unmanageable. Then I met Tatyana, she gave me back my hair, my beauty and confidence. I feel like myself again and no one would ever be able to tell that it was hairextensions. Ha-Ha. Tatyana does fabulous job and she is funny and sweet. The whole experience has been great and I am sure it will be long-term friendship with Hairdreams and Tatyana...
Thank you,



I absolutely love my hair! My hair is thin so additional volume the extensions added was vital, plus the color is so vibrant and it was exactly what I needed. I feel so beautiful and I am very happy that I found solution for my problem. Thanks to Hairdreams I will never go back to my limp, lifeless locks.

Thank you Tatyana for changing my life,


Dear Tatyana,
You brighten the day for everyone who is fortunate enough to know you; you transform your clients into more youthful and attractive people and demonstrate to all how to enjoy the best things in life, one's family and friends. Thank you for being such a great hair stylist and makeup artist.

With a great admiration and love,
Annette Kaufman.
Pianist, author and art collector.

Your experience in Yuko System fools everyone in thinking that I have naturally straight hair. Only you, my curly hair and I know the real truth. You are a really professional when it comes to straightening, cutting, and coloring and genially a wonderful and a dear person. Thank you for taking care of my hair and putting all your TLC into my damage ends! Thank you for being you,

Much love,

Dear Tatyana,
Thank you for such a great experience. Every visit to your salon is introduction to the new style, which makes me look good. You have a great talent to turn an ordinary guy into someone original. Thank you for your great work. I am looking forward to be your customer for many coming years.

You are great,
Nick Stoyanov.

Dear Tatyana,
Carl and I are very grateful for your incredible talent. You make me beautiful that is why I love you.

Thank you
Estelle Reiner

Thank you for the beautiful hairstyle you created for Mindy-she looked great and received many compliments that evening!

Joyce Burbano

Dear Tatyana,
I have had many hair stylists and makeup professionals come in to my studio to help my clients look good for the portraits- but you are by far the best! You are not only very skilled at getting a natural look with touch of elegance, but also you have a wonderful gift of making the client related while proud of their new look. Thank you for making my job easier.

Photography as an Art.

About Tatyana
I found Tatyana by accident and I conceder myself lucky that I did! I needed to cut my son�s hair for an audition next day. I called the shop and they gave me Tatyana. I had lots of instructions for her, but some how she found just the right length to bring curl back and it was perfect. For the very first time my son and I liked it! In fact I liked it so much, I asked her to color and cut my hair. Ones again, I was happy, I got the cut I was looking for and the color also was perfect. That's the best think about Tatyana as a professional. She knows exactly how to give you what you want. She is an artist. The best thing about her is that she cares. She quickly moved to from new hairdresser to a new friend. I could go on, but I have to go, because Tatyana just made my lunch.

Joanna Mc. McCullough

You are a truly artist in every since of the word. Many people come and go in our life, but not many truly change our life. You did mine;-) You shine as an example of work ethic and your positive attitude in contagious (that's a good thing); I would be remiss if I didn't say to Zoya Thank you for introducing me to Tatyana. She colored, highlighted, cut and also straightened my hair with Yuko System products. I can now thanks Tatyana for my hair and LAUNGH my hair with a pride! HA!

Roxanne Jacobson

Dear Tatyana,
Whatever I write on this page will be understated in compassion of how I feel about you. But I am going to try. You are a very dear, caring friend, when I hear your voice with your cute accent it just brightened my day, your friendship radiant a positive energy around every person you encounter. Adding to all this your talent and gift as artist transfer people from so-so to great looking!!! I am speaking from experience.

Thank you,
Jamal Dimashkie

Dear Tatyana,
As my dad know very well, it is very hard to get me up in the morning, especially Saturday morning. I usually have to have a very special reason to jump out of bed. I am always happy to know that the reason is you. It is always privilege and fun experience to see you. You are smart, talented, creative, incredibly funny and always a pleasure. In this world (especially in California) it is incredibly difficult to find genuine and loving people, and it I warms my heart that I know you, because you embody all those things. If more people were like you Tatyana, world would be a better place.

All the best,
Kareem Dimashkie

Dearest Tatyana,
Your have the greatest personality and sense of humor that never stops. Besides all these wonderful attributes, you are an outstanding hairdresser. People who admire my hair color and style always stop me everywhere I go. Thank you for making me beautiful and keeping my self-esteem up.

I remain yours fondly,
Dorothy Dropkin

About Tatyana,
I first encountered Tatyana from years ago when she was still at "Kabuki"; she seems to in tint exactly how I�m wanted my hair to look. I live out of state but come to LA 4-5 time a year and I try to hold out for my trim here to have Tatyana cut my hair, she's personally a darling!

Christy Lucero

Dear Tatyana,
You make every visit to your shop a happy party. Thank you for your great talent and generous nature, your big heart and understanding. Thank you for sharing your family with me and interesting to mine as well. You are a lovely, warm person and thank you again for the last 12 years of friendship.

Your friend,
Flora Hubbs

About Tatyana,
I noticed how good my neighbor hail looked and I asked her who did her hair. She told me about Tatyana. From the first time she did my hair- I never looked back. She has talent and can do anything!

I love Tatyana she's the greatest!
Paula Lazar
Product Penologist Insurance Appraisal

About Tatyana,
Tatyana is a fabulous operator, she is very professional, well trained, and has a lovely personality. I love her like one of my family, because she is so caring.

Claudia Sokovenko


Hairdreams are my new addiction, something I absolutely cannot live without.
My life has been changed dramatically, I feel more beautiful
and feminine. I definitely get more attention; I don't
think I can ever take them off. This is The Hair I Always
Dreamed About and Could Never Have!!!
Thank you Tatyana for making me so beautiful!
All my best